The following is a list of frequently asked questions. Please refer to this section if you're looking for general informations.
What is the $PACK token network?
Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Is it possible to invite friends or referrals and have a benefit?
Currently there is not available referral program for purcasing suggests.
Isn't the token kind of an investment fund?
The token is by no means as investment fund. With the $PACK you can buy your membership to our private club. Once you're in you'll have benefits like pre-sale deals access.
About the quantities to buy, are there any figures you recommend?
iYou can check the TIER SECTION fo the wiki.
What are the differences between a Public Sale and a Private Sale
A Public Sale has higher prices but no vesting time. A Private Sale has lower prices, but longer vesting time. When buying in a Private Sale deal, or a Seed Sale deal, always control the vesting schedule first.
How do I enter deals?
You can find a exaustive explanation in the GENERAL DEAL FLOW section.
What happens if I joined a deal but want to sell my PACK tokens?
If you enter a deal, you must not sell or move your PACK tokens for any reason for a duration of at least 6 months, or you will lose your unclaimed tokens. If you need to move your PACK tokens to a new wallet for any reason, you must first consult the admins.
Can I reveal the details of a deal with outsiders?
No. The details of the deals are confidential. Failure to keep it so, will result in a ban from the group and loss of your unclaimed tokens. Admins will assess the gravity of the happening on each case and may or may not take action to punish it. All the info shared with the Holders in the various deal and governance channels are confidential. Punishable offences may include: -Revealing info on deal prices -Revealing info on vesting schedules -Interacting in a negative way with the projects on behalf of the Pack community -Putting Pack Capital in a bad light with new investors and potential partners/projects (FUD) -Revealing details about other member's investment capabilities (if you somehow come to know it) or on the total raised for a deal -Complaining about delays in distributions with the projects on behalf of the Pack Community (any complaint must be expressed in the Governance chat and voted on by the Pack) -Revealing details on the topics discussed/voted on in the Governance channels (refunds/complaints/others) -Speaking on behalf of the Pack Team in any way, shape or form (if you are able to help by doing so, you still should consult us before speaking for us). The list may increase if any unforeseen issues occur, but in general, these are the things you should avoid. Asking questions is legit, being in touch with other projects is legit, just use your judgement in general and you'll be just fine.
Can projects delay distributions?
Yes. It is very common for a project to delay or change their distribution schedules.
Can we ask a refund on a particular deal?
Yes. It can be put to votes in the Governance Channel, and if the Pack agrees to it, we will ask the project for a refund. Refunds are not guaranteed.
Who pays the fees for the distribution?
The network fees will be deducted from the amount of tokens you are meant to receive.
What happens if I send the wrong currency for a deal?
You will be refunded with a 10% fee.
What if the tokens I am supposed to receive are worth less than the gas fees?
In that case, admins will inform you and suggest you to wait for more batches to become available, so it will be worth for you to withdraw.
What are the fees for the team?
The Pack Capital Team keeps a 7% commission on every deal. These are included in the price we propose you and separate from the distribution Gas Fees.
I joined the group, why can't I see any deal?
Only PACK Holders have access to deals and related info. If you don't hold PACK tokens, there is no reason for you to know confidential info.ex
What happens if the deal I invest in results in a loss for me? Will the Pack Team refund it?
When buying token in Private, Seed or Public Sales, you are aware that the risk of suffering financial losses is high, therefore you buy only at your own risk. The Pack Capital Team shall not be held responsible in case of a Project losing value or in the event of a Rug Pull. It is your responsibility to do your own research before buying. Any opinion expressed by the Pack Capital Team in regards to any particular project does not constitute financial advise.
I am in another group similar to Pack Capital, and we paid less for the same deal, why?
Not every deal is the same. Deal prices for the same project might change depending on what Stage of the sale we are in, how early we arrive, how much we are able to raise and many other factors. If you find the same project on sale for a lower price in another group, nothing stops you from buying through that group.