Pack Capital docs

Discord Rules

As a community we need some rules. Please read carefully.

General rules

All members of the server must abide by the following guidelines:
  • Be respectful of all members
  • Read Announcements, FAQ, and recent messages before asking a questions
    • Use the search function to check if similar question has already been asked and consult the FAQ section
    • Pinned messages generally contain crucial information
  • Choose the appropriate channel for your message
    • If unsure, post in eng-general-governance
  • Do not post the same message in multiple channels
  • Do not unnecessary tag team members
  • Keep the discussion of the channel on topic

PACK holder rules

Be aware that Discord contains both public and private channels.
The “COMMUNITY” category channels are public and no sensitive information should be shared in it. Please post in the specific deal channel or if more general in nature, #eng-general-governance.


The details of the deals are confidential. Failure to keep it so, will result in a ban from the group and loss of your unclaimed tokens. Admins will assess the gravity of the happening on each case and may or may not take action to punish it, entirely at their discretion.
All the info shared with the Holders in the various deal and governance channels are confidential.
Punishable offences may include: -Revealing info on deal prices -Revealing info on vesting schedules -Interacting in a negative way with the projects on behalf of the Pack community -Putting Pack Capital in a bad light with new investors and potential partners/projects (FUD) -Revealing details about other member's investment capabilities (if you somehow come to know it) or on the total raised for a deal -Complaining about delays in distributions with the projects on behalf of the Pack Community (any complaint must be expressed in the Governance chat and voted on by the Pack) -Revealing details on the topics discussed/voted on in the Governance channels (refunds/complaints/others) -Speaking on behalf of the Pack Team in any way, shape or form (if you are able to help by doing so, you still should consult us before speaking for us) The list may increase if any unforeseen issues occur, but in general, these are the things you should avoid.
Asking questions is legit, being in touch with other projects is legit, just use your judgement in general and you'll be just fine.


Every violation of the rules may be punished with a temporary or permanent ban from the server. Members punished with a temporary ban will be excluded from participating in deals for its entire duration. Members punished with a permanent ban will lose their unclaimed tokens.