Access the private Discord server

The second part of the server is for PACK token holders.
Once the Public server verifcation is completed, in order to gain access to the private parts of the server, you are required to hold PACK tokens in your wallet.
If you need to know how to buy, please refer to this section of the wiki .
In order to verify you as a holder, you are required to connect your wallet to our bot:Collab.Land.
Collab.Land is a widely used bot for communities that can automatically assign roles based on COIN/TOKEN holdings. It is safe to use, but if you wish to add an additional layer of protection, we would suggest to create a new Metamask wallet to store your PACK tokens and to conduct all your Pack Capital related transactions.

Connect your wallet to Collab.Land

To connect your wallet, select the COLLABLAND-JOIN channel.
You'll find the following message with a step by step guide that explain how to connect.
Let's see together how to do the tasks.


As soon as you click the Let's go! button, the bot will reply with the following
Click the Connect Wallet button.
A new external page will open once you click Yep!
The Collab.Land page will open. In there you will have to choose the wallet you are using. In this case we will show how to connect Metamask, but there are many different wallets supported, with similar procedures.
Once you choose your wallet, the wallet will pop up. We recommend you to follow the procedure from a PC, but we will show also how to do it on a mobile. Please note that connecting via mobile may result in a variety of glitches that may deny you access to the private channels. In case you face issues, please switch to PC.
Press connect button, to connect your wallet
Press sign to permit to the bot to check your balance
You'll receive the following message from your browser.
Confirmation message
The process is completed: in few minutes your wallet will be scanned and you will be assigned a Discord role according to your Tier.
Congratulations! You're officially a PACK MEMBER!