General Deal Flow

Deals are invisible to server member that don't hold PACK tokens in their wallet, please refrain from speaking about deals in the COMMUNITY channels, as per rules you may be banned for that violation.
The deal flow involves 4 steps:


  • Potential projects are introduced in the OPEN DEALS category in the server. You can easily see every channel marked with an GREEN BOOK. The deals are arranged from new to old. Please keep up to date with the new deals and action timeframes.
  • Inside the DEAL CHANNEL we provide an overview of the projects and additional informations as links to social media, websites and also OUR DEAL CONDITION. Please note that every deal is different, with different conditions and every negotiation is different. You might know that another VC bought for 0.1$ but our deal is 0.080$ and vice versa. There is no reason to point this difference out in any channel of the server. To negotiate a DEAL a lot of factors come into play, please feel free to accept or refuse a deal, no discussion needed.
  • If you start be interested in a deal, please do your own research. We are not providing financial advising, we do not provide advices of any sort. Once you're ok with the deal you can pledge.


A pledge is the expression of your commitment to buy a certain project.
  • The pledge is done by submitting the google form that you will find in the DEAL CHANNEL. You can see here how to do it.
  • In the pledge you can pledge as much as you want but, you will be expected to commit to it.
  • For concrete reason, if you need to change the amount pledged, make sure to do it by editing the GOOGLE FORM that you have already submitted (if you need to retire from a deal, make sure to change the pledge amount to 0). To do that you need to open the email that you received after the submission and click the EDIT button. Every other interaction with the pledge is prohibited.
  • Given enough interest, we will seal the deal with the project. You will gest notified in the DEAL CHANNEL.


In this phase, all the pledged amount have to be transfered to the contribution wallet.
  • The beginning of every contribution phase is announced in the DEAL CHANNEL. Also the DEAL CHANNEL will be moved under the CONTRIBUTION section.
  • Contributions have to be made in the currency specified in every deal.
  • To contribute to a deal, you need to edit the pledge form that you received when pledged for the deal. Be shure that you're interacting with the right email. To edit the previous form follow the guide here.
  • In the case that the allocation is smaller then the pledged amount you will get notified about what's your max contibution. Please don't send more funds or it will be refunded decurted by a fee of 10%.
  • When the DEAL il 100% filled, the contribution will close and the funds will be sent.
PS: The contribution have to be performed As Soon As Possible when you get notified. Please don't blame others if you're not fast enough and your allocation is assigned to someone else.


Tokens will be automatically airdropped as the Pack Capital team will receive it. The wallet where the tokens will be send is the once that you specified in the Google Form (the one where you're holding $PACK).