Pack Capital

Pack Capital is a community based VC that supports Cryptocurrency projects via its incubation program, and allows its members to enter early stage sale rounds.
Pack Capital is a community-based Venture Capital based in the British Virgin Islands.
We pride ourselves on collaborating with the best in the industry, having supported over 40 of the most successful projects launched in 2021.
Brought to you by a team of experienced blockchain and business enthusiasts with over 10 years of sales, marketing and finance experience, Pack Capital aims to solve the problem of accessibility to Private and Seed round token sales, by reducing the entry costs for retail investors while ensuring transparency, engagement and professionalism for its members and for the partnering projects.


Earning access to Seed and Private sale rounds is challenging for the majority of buyers. Traditionally, these sales are reserved exclusively to large funds and deeply connected individuals.
Pack Capital allows you access to Seed and Private sale rounds, no matter the size of your finances or the depth of your connections.
Pack Capital features guaranteed allocations, no gas wars, a democratic governance system and vibrant community engagement.
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